The Church of Christ the Saviour is the central church of the Statos-Agios Fotios village in the Paphos district. More specifically it is located amongst the houses in the village, near the school.

It began being constructed in 1970 when the village was relocated and a new church was necessary in the community. The church was completed in 1976. It was built with money grants from the government and the interior was completed after donations were given by the community.

The church is quite large and can accommodate up to 500 people. The church is made of stone that is found in the area as well as a tall bell tower. It is attached to the rest of the building and it has three electronic bells as well. The interior floor of the church is made of marble and the whole temple is filled which iconographies. Over the alter, is the image of the Virgin Mary Platytera as well as the mural with Jesus. The murals were painted by the well-known Cypriot Kallinikos as well as other Greek professionals. Georgios Konstantinides is another person who dealt with the murals even though he was a teacher.

The iconostasis is made by carved wood and gold leaves. The added murals fill the presence in the temple. The rich and good quality equipment of the church has made the community talk with pride about the unique construction in the village. The dedicated icon of the Christ is located at a separate area to the left of the church. The church celebrates on the 6th of August with a great festival.

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Christ the Saviour church
Christ the Saviour church
  • Christ the Saviour church
  • Christ the Saviour Church Statos
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