The Chapel of Agia Varvara is situated in the village of Statos Agios Fotios in the Paphos district. More specifically it is located on a mountain edge over a water spring east of the old village Statos.

It seems that the chapel was reconstructed in 1921. It is a small chapel of an ordinary square construction with a tiled roof. Both the exterior and interior is white.

The iconostasis is made of marble with the added icons of the Saints. It has two arches the central arch and the left arch. Even though it is small it can accommodate 150 Christians.

The dedicated icon of Agia Varvara is dated from the 18th century and is located on a special iconostasis. The chapel operates twice a year, on the 4th of December which is when Agia Varvara celebrates, and at Easter.

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agia varvara church
agia varvara church
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