The Xyliatos mines are located in the village of Xyliatos in the Nicosia district. The mines operated during the period 1954-1971 and partly during the period 1987-1990.

The advantage was done on the surface with the method of the closed excavation and this brought around 2.125.000 tonnes of pyrite ore with an average content of 26% S. The metal process was done in a factory of ore enrichment in Mitsero for the production of concentrated sulphur with the method of flotation.

The extraction of the final product until 1974 was done by loading ships at Karavostasi and after 1974 by loading ships at Vasiliko. It is worth mentioning that during the end of the 1980’s, the final product fed the factory which produced sulfuric acid and fertilizer in Vasiliko. 

Xyliatos Mines (Memi) photos: 
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