Kokkinoatonis Mine is located in the semi-mountainous village of Mathiatis, a few kilometres south of the Nicosia district.

More specifically it is situated north of the community of Mathiati and was the largest gold, silver, copper and iron mine with the largest activity in the country during the period 1935 until 1944.

Today, there is a lake at the Kokkinoantonis mine which was created in the crater, gaining great geological value. The mine has produced great international interest and forms an attraction point for universities abroad. The particular area is filled with antiquities, with the most well-known being the Kefali tou Vachou ( 2nd and 1st  centuries B.C), located in the Archaeological Museum.

The community of Mathiati has taken action for the recovery and the emergence of two of the mines and their association with other historical monuments in the region.

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kokkinoantonis mine cyprus
kokkinoantonis mine cyprus
  • kokkinoantonis mine cyprus
  • kokkinoantonis mine nicosia
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