The first of a kind Turtle Museum in Cyprus is ready to be created and operate in the community of Inia locate in Akamas , in the Paphos district.

The necessary funding of 400 thousand euros for the creation has now been found, and it is a matter of time before the construction begins. The necessary funding has been given through the European Union structural funds.

The Turtle Museum will be created in an area which has already been prepared in the central square of Inia. The museum will be made up of two rooms of 150 square metres, in which information about the turtles will be presented. At the same time the Turtle Museum will operate as an education and environmental centre with seminars and other educational activities, which schools as well as other foundations can visit.

This unique museum will be created and operate in cooperation with the ministries and government departments in order to make a scientifically correct project for the benefit of all. The project includes landscaping, installing paved areas, creating an amphitheatre, a library, an information office and a pavilion.

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cyprus turtles
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