The Omodos Photo Exhibition Museum is located in the village of Omodos in the Limassol district. In this special room, one may find photos dated from the 19th century. In the room of photographs, the visitor will gain an authentic and genuine image of the customs and the life in Omodos , through the rich displays of traditional locations , graphic roads , maintained houses , gardens with flowers , family photos , group photos from the lives of the people in Omodos , other photographs from school as well as the first car which drove from Omodos to Limassol.

The display is a memory of an unforgettable past, for those who lived during the golden years, and a source of knowledge and a projection of culture and folk tradition for the youth. It always holds a special place in the areas of display.

For more information about the Photo Exhibition Museum contact the community Council of Omodos :

Community Council of Omodos :

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Dimokratias 2 , 4760 Omodos


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[email protected]



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exhibition of omodos
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