The Cyprus Wine Museum is situated in the village of Erimi in the Limassol district with a history of over 5.500 years  in wine production. The building is constructed on the most important historical and commercial crossroad on the island: the old Limassol – Paphos road, the road that leads to the Kolossi Castle, the Ancient Kourion and the Wine villages of Limassol.

It was founded by the composer Anastasia Guy and its operation began in 2004. The former president Tasso Papadopoulo performed the inauguration. It is possibly the only wine museum in the world, which presents 55 centuries of wine production and the wine roads of a country.

The Cyprus Wine Museum has a unique thematic exhibition, a collection of archaeological findings and a series of exhibits with a wine theme. Many exhibitions and collections are on loan by the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, the Pieridi Museum of Marfin Laiki Bank. The policy of the museum is to offer live tours during its exhibitions and wine tasting of Cypriot wine varieties.

It provides visitors with a unique journey to the 5500 years of wine production in Cyprus, update for the storage, use and marketing of wine from antiquity until today. It informs visitors about the importance of vineyards, grapes and wine in arts, projecting the native varieties of grapes, the uniqueness and the history of one of the most ancient wines produced, Commandaria.

The Cyprus Wine Museum is housed in a stone built two-storey building.

The first floor includes:

  • A tour – Recursion of the 5.500-year history of European wine.
  • Exhibits from different periods during the history of wine in Cyprus from antiquity until today.
  • Photographic and audio-visual material.

The ground floor (Agiou Ilariona room) includes:

  • Wine roads (A permanent exhibition of wine products by certified wineries).
  • Tour / information for native grape varieties.
  • Information on today’s reality of Cypriot wine.
  • Wine Tasting Sales (Bottles of domestic wine, traditional delicacies from wine, books, museum souvenirs).  

The external areas are the following:

  • Two large stone built courtyards linked between them. The Commandaria courtyard (east of the building) presents an exhibition of zivania stills , presses etc , and the Knights courtyard (west of the building) is the external area for cultural exhibitions , conferences etc.
  • Large parking areas.


Museum Name:


Cyprus Wine Museum



42 Paphos ,  Erimis 4630 - Limassol

Opening days and hours:


09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Sunday

Opertation period:


All year round

Entrance fee:


€ 5,00 which includes a tour , audiovisual and tasting

Email address:








Cyprus Wine Musuem - Erimi Village photos: 
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erimi village winery
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  • winery erimi
  • erimi winery
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  • cyprus wine museum
  • cyprus wine museum erimi
Cyprus Wine Musuem - Erimi Village location map: 

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