Location : Petra tou Romiou

District : Paphos

Starting Point: KOT Kiosk opposite Petra tou Romiou

Length: 7, 1 kilometres

Time: 2 – 2.5 hours hiking

Difficulty: 1

Interest Points:

Petra tou Romiou is an interesting point in which the visitor has a view of the main attraction during the whole nature trail.  The path which it follows is mainly of the Petra tou Romiou National Forest Park where a visitor may see various types of bush vegetation in the area. Reforestations in the area are also taking place by the forest department in order to enrich the existing vegetation. The path also passes through the park’s picnic area (Petra tou Romiou picnic site) where facilities are available such as drinkable water and toilets. It ends at a parking area at the west part of the park. Visitors can also follow smaller or larger nature trails in the area.

Petra tou Romiou Nature Trail photos: 
petra tou romiou nature trail
petra tou romiou nature trail
  • petra tou romiou nature trail
  • petra tou romiou
Petra tou Romiou Nature Trail video: 
Petra tou Romiou Nature Trail location map: 

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