The iconic village of Inia is located in the mountainous area of Laona in the Paphos district. The village is situated 30 kilometres north of Paphos and it has an impressive view towards the Akamas Peninula.

The village received its name from the word “oinos” which is the Greek word for wine, while historical sources also mention it as “oineia” with the spelling of the name slowly changing through the passing of time and receiving the form it has today.

The village of Inia is built between the vineyards, as is one of the vineyard village in the area, included in the wine route of Laona – Akamas.

The village is also known for its traditional crafts in basket weaving, which still continues to apply the traditional method. The baskets are on display at the museum, while the fantastic beauty in the area makes it popular for walks and a photo shoot in the area is an inspiration for many artists.

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