Stroumbi is a village in the Paphos district which is located on the road between Paphos and Polis Chrysochous, about 20 kilometres from the Paphos municipality.

The village has a great history, and it has been known for its good quality wine. It is not random that the villagers celebrate the annual festival with the name “Dionysia” in honour of the ancient Greek god Dionysos. In the village there were over 5 wine factories which have now closed due to industrialisation. However the largest wine factory on the island was built in Stroumbi and is called “SODAP - KAMANTERENA”. After the most recent inventory the number of permanent residents exceeds 600.

Tradition mentions that the village took its name from the area which was built around the old village which was chubby. Another version says that the village belonged to someone who was named Stoumbis. Stroumbis meant short and fat.

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