The Agia Marina Chapel is situated in the village of  Drinia/Thrinia  in the town of Paphos. More specifically the chapel is located towards the east of the village. According to tradition, an older church existed during antiquity and has now been demolished. The newer chapel of Agia Marina has recently been built in the remains of the older church.

The Agia Marina Chapel is small and simple, of basilica architectural rhythm. Its exterior is whitewashed and the chapel has enough space to accommodate around thirty believers. The church courtyard is large and spacious, surrounded by a green environment of tall Cypress trees and Poplars.

The interior of the church accommodates a simple wooden templo , surrounded by a few icons. There is also a nice main gate and a wooden psalm stand.

According to the residents of the village, Agia Marina is miraculous and many women visit the chapel in order to communicate with her. The chapel operates once a year and celebrates on the 17th of July.

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agia marina chapel
agia marina chapel
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