The Church of Panagia Theoskepasti is located in the area of Kato Paphos in the Paphos district.

The church is built upon a rock and offers a panoramic view of the area. The church is called Theoskpasti as it is considered to be covered by God.

According to tradition the name occurred during the period of the Arab raids when the church was spared by the looting of the Arabs. As the pirated got near the shore , a thick cloud of fog covered it and made it invisible. After this miracoulous insident the church took the name Theoskepasti as it was spared due to the protection of God.

The Panagia Theoskepasti Church was originally built in 1926 on the ruins of an older church, while its restoration took place in 1990. The interior of the church is made up by a beautiful wooden templo with excellent icons. From the icons, the one that stands out is the silver icon of the Virgin Mary which is considered to have been made by the Evangelist Louka.

The church is visited by hundreds of people, locals and tourists in order to admire the wonderful wooden iconostasis, the excellent icons and of course to pray to the miraculous Panayia Theoskepasti.

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panagia theoskepasti church
panagia theoskepasti church
  • panagia theoskepasti church
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  • theoskepasti church paphos
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