The Agridia Olive Mill is situated in the village of Agridia in the Limassol district. The traditional Olive mill operated in the village until the 1960’s. The Olive mill building, which is situated in the church courtyard, was renovated and transformed into a museum area in which the following are on display:

  • A large round stone along with the movement levers for the mashing of the olives.
  • The priceless wooden compression screw filled with mashed olives for the flow of the olive oil. It is worth mentioning that there are only three similar wooden compression screws in all of Cyprus and they were made in 1850.
  • The wooden press.
  • The olive oil accumulation tank, which helps separating the olive oil from the water.
  • Cauldron for boiling water, which is poured in order to allow the olive oil to flow.
  • Household equipment and tools that were necessary for farm life and have now been neglected.

The Agridia Expats Association “Propeht Elias” recognised the great cultural and economic value and restored the ruins as well as renovated the entire olive mill building. In particular the Agridia Expats Association maintained as well as relocated the equipment in its original position, handing it over to the Agridia community for the next generations.

The inauguration of the Olive Mill took place by the Metropolite of Kyrenia Pavlo, on the 22nd of September 1996.

Agridia Olive Mill photos: 
agridia olive press
agridia olive press
  • agridia olive press
  • agridia village olive press
  • olive press agridia
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