The Apostolou Louka Chapel is located in the Skarinou village in the Larnaca district.

It is situated south of the village between a valley and a plain. The exterior of the church is paved and the church is built with stone for the area. It is small and simple with roof tiles. The bell tower is wooden and poor. The old iconostasis was ruined and recently restored, wooden with a few icons.

The psalter has also recently been made, such as the few seats for the hospitality of the believers. At the south wall of the temple there is a hagiography presenting Apostle Louka. The dedicated icon in the chapel is not very old and is placed on the iconostasis.

The saint is celebrated on the 18th of October, in which a great celebration occurs at the church. A lot of people gather around the church and prepare food.

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apostle louka skarinou
apostle louka skarinou
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  • apostolou louka skarinou
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