The Prophet Elias Church is located in the village of Agridia in Limassol. In particular it is situated in the southeast part of the community, at the bottom of the Prophet Elias Mountain.

Moreover, it is the main church of Agridia and it dedicated to Prophet Elias. Its construction began in 1956 and was completed in 1960, while it was inaugurated in 1986. About half a century ago there was an older church of Prophet Elias, however it was completely destroyed.

It is a church of a byzantine rhythm with dimensions of about 30 metres length and 15 meters width. The interior of the temple is decorated with a wooden templo, which was made by Kyriako Agridioti in 1984.

According to tradition, the icon of Prophet Elias was found between the villages Agridia and Agros. The residents of Agros tried to transport the icon to their village, without being successful however as the icon could not be lifted. They then tried to take it to the mountain of Prophet Elias in the village of Agridia. From there they threw a trowel and the church was constructed in the place where it fell.

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prophet elias church agridia
prophet elias church agridia
  • prophet elias church agridia
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  • prophet elias agridia
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