The Agiou Alexandrou Chapel is situated in the village of Pissouri in the Limassol district. More specifically it was built in 1990, on a piece of land which Mr. Leonidas Liasides Kotzias donated. Apart from the land, Mrs. Galatia Kiriazi also offered a money donation towards the construction of the chapel. The chapel was inaugurated by Arsinoes Georgio on the 30th of August 1937.

Originally, there was a large bush along terebinth trees, where the Christians went to pray. They would hang various clothing items from sick children so that the saint would heal them. The saint is celebrated on the 30th of August and on the 12th of December, where a celebration takes place by the residents in the community.

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agios alexandros pissouri
agios alexandros pissouri
  • agios alexandros pissouri
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  • agiou alexandrou chapel pissouri
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