Location : ArgakaPaphos Forest

District : Paphos

Starting Point: About 500 metres east of the Argaka community, at the borders of the Paphos Forest.

Length: 8 kilometres (Short distance), 10 kilometres (Long distance)

Time: 2 -3 hours walking depending on the path chosen.

Difficulty: 2

Points of Interest:

The Argaka Dam is an interesting point, while at some points in the trail there is a panoramic view of the Chrysochous Bay, the Akamas Penisnula and the Argaka Community. Many pine trees are visible due to the reforestation completed by the forest department. There is also a water fountain with drinkable water.

Argaka Nature Trail photos: 
argaka dam nature trail
argaka dam nature trail
  • argaka dam nature trail
  • argaka dam nature trail
Argaka Nature Trail location map: 

Nearby Places and things to do (within 5 km radius)

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Agia Varvara Chapel - Argaka Village

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Chapel of Agios Asomatos - Argaka Village

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Saint George Chapel - Argaka

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Church of Apostles Peter and Paul - Argaka

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Argaka Dam

To the southeast of the Argaka community in the Paphos district, is the dam known as Argaka-Makounda. This dam is the one that sends wate...