Alampra or Alambra is a small village located in the Nicosia district. It is a village of great archaeological interest. That is where the Institute of Applied Communication is. According to records in 2001 Alambra has 1,140 residents. The highway Limassol-Nicosia which is one of the most important in Cyprus, runs through Alambra.

Also in Alambra the first copper mine was discovered. According to tradition there is a reason why the village took this specific name. Once there was a large fire and it was heading towards the village. So all the scared villagers gathered in the village church and prayed. Then a young woman (Agia Marina) appeared. She went towards the fire and as soon as she got there she kneeled and prayed to God. The fire was put out and the village was saved.

Lastly, the word Alambra comes from the a-lambra which in the Cypriot dialect means fire.

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