Situated in the district of Nicosia, Evrychou Village offers an idyllic escape from the bustle of city life. Steeped in history and brimming with Cypriot charm, Evrychou is a testament to Cyprus's rich cultural heritage, showcasing authentic village life in all its vibrancy.

Nestled in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains, Evrychou enjoys a serene rural setting that is both picturesque and tranquil. The landscape here is lush and green, filled with almond and olive trees that sway gently in the Mediterranean breeze. 

Evrychou boasts a rich history that dates back to the Byzantine era. The village is home to several historical landmarks, including  the churches of Agios Georgios and Agia Marina.which evoking the spiritual devotion of the community.

Life in Evrychou is characterized by a strong sense of community and tradition. The locals are warm and welcoming, preserving their cultural heritage through traditional festivals and customs. The annual Almond Festival is one of the village's highlights, where the community comes together to celebrate the almond harvest with food, music, and dance.

The surrounding landscape offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. From hiking trails that traverse the rugged mountain terrain to leisurely walks along the river bank, Evrychou is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The Atsas Training Center, located nearby, is a hub for environmental education and organic farming, promoting a sustainable relationship with the land.

No visit to Evrychou is complete without sampling the local cuisine. Traditional taverns serve up hearty Cypriot dishes, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The village is also known for its almond production, and these nuts often feature in local pastries and sweets. 

Evrychou Village is a window into the soul of rural Nicosia, offering a slice of authentic Cypriot life that is both enriching and endearing. Whether you're exploring its historic landmarks, engaging with the local community, or simply enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds it, a visit to Evrychou is sure to leave you with cherished memories of your Cypriot journey.

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Evrychou Village
Evrychou Village
  • Evrychou Village
  • Evrychou Village
  • Evrychou Village
  • Evrychou Village
  • Evrychou Village
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