Kannaviou Village is located in the Paphos district and neighbours with the communities of Agios Dimitrianos, Psathi, Asproyia, Polemi and Panagia.

The village is is situated around 200 kilometres from Nicosia. To get there turn right before Stroumbi on the road towards Polis Chrysochous.

The kannavi that was plentiful in the village, was used for the creation of rope, string, nets and material. There are many vineyards, olive trees, some oak trees and plane trees in the village. Due to the existence of vineyards, there are fantastic varieties of wine such as the maratheftiko, xynisteri as well as the vioener that has been planted experimentally.

The Asproyia - Kannaviou Dam is a must for a walk in the area as well as the magical Paphos forest that starts from that point. There is also the church of Panagia Chryseleousa that offers a panoramic view of the village. The last stop is the beautiful Kannaviou picnic site, with the tall plane trees. The Ezousa River crosses through the picnic site, and it the 6th largest river on the island.

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kannaviou dam
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