Cyprus forests are very important and vital to the beauty and attractiveness of the island and they are visited by thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world.

The forests of Cyprus host a rich variety of flora and in general they cover 42% of the of the total Cyprus area and more specifically 18% are high forest and the remaining 22% is other wooden land.

Currently there are 10 national forest parks across all over Cyprus which play vital role to the protection of the national heritage and they are considered as an important national resource. The forests are very important because they contribute economically to the development of village communities and they provide timber and non-wood products.

In addition, the forests are also very important for the protection of water resources. The forests are protected by the Cyprus National forest law and the Department of Forests is responsible for the administration and for the implementation of forest development.

Cyprus national forests mainly consist of Calabrian pine (Pinus brutia) and Black pine (Pinus nigra ssp. Pallasiana) and these cover the higher hills of the Troodos range. Moreover, you can find other types of trees such as the Plane tree, Cypress, Alder and Juniper. Confided to the area of Troodos mountains one can find the endemic species of the Golden Oak (Quercus alnifolia) and in the Paphos Forest one can find the Cedar (Cedrus brevifolia).

Cyprus Forests and Camping Areas



1. Kormakiti


2. Paphos


3. Akamas


4. Troodos


5. Machairas


6. Limassol


7. Pentadaktylos


8. Adelfoi


9. Stavrovouni



Natural forest parks

As per the forestry law, the term National Forest park means a Main State Forest which is declared by the council of ministers and as of this day 10 National Forest Parks have been declared in Cyprus which cover a total area of 15627,22 hectares. For more information you can refer to the table below:

 NameArea in hectaresDate Declared
1Pedagogical Academy4527/12/1983, 16/12/1994
2Liopetri Forest8930/4/1984
3Athalassa840,26/6/1985, 31/10/1990, 3/7/1995
4Troodos9147.03/1/1992, 30/7/1999
5Cavo Greco384.918/2/1993
8Ayios Nikandros25.924/5/2000
9Petra tou Romiou349.217/8/2001
Forests in Cyprus photos: 
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Cyprus forests map

Cyprus forests by location (district)

Paphos Forest

The Paphos forest takes over the north-western slopes of the Troodos mountain range. It has an extent area of 700 square kilometres or 70...

Pedagogical Academy Natural Forest Park

The Pedagogical Academy Natural Forest Park is located between the Aglantzia and Nicosia municipalities, at a distance of 2 kilometres from ...

Petra tou Romiou National Forest Park

The Petra tou Romiou National Forest Park is part of the Randi National Forest. It is located on the main road of Paphos-Limassol and at ...

Polemidia National Forest Park

The Polemidia National Forest Park is located 6 kilometres north from the centre of Limassol. Its aims are: To protect and maintain...

Rizoelia National Forest Park

The Rizoelia National Forest Park is located 3 klometres east of Aradippou and 7 kilometres from the Larnaca district.   The aims of...

Stavros tis Psokas

The Stavros tis Psokas Forest Station is located in a beautiful area in nature and greenery in the Paphos district area. It is in the heart ...

Stavrovouni Forest

The Stavrovouni Forest is situated at the east side of the Troodos Mountain range, 14 kilometres northwest of the town of Larnaca and 24 km ...

Troodos Forest

The Troodos Mountain Range is the geological and morphological backbone of Cyprus. The Troodos Mountains are covered with forests which have...

Troodos National Forest Park

The Troodos National Forest Park is located in the Troodos mountain area in the Limassol district. The aim of the announcement was to ens...