The village of Episkopi Paphou is built on the west bank of the Ezousa River, and has a rich natural environment.

In particular the Valley of Ezousa is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in Cyprus, as the well-known Episkopi Rock is located in the centre of the community. The rock accommodates a large number of important and rare types of fauna and flora forming a protected area.  

The Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre has been created in order to present the ecological value of the community, as well as protecting the ecological and cultural characteristic of the area. The centre is located in the entrance of the community, to the north of the town of Paphos and is housed in specially formed areas of the old Episkopi Primary School. The project has been completely funded by the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus.

The centre has a display room with modern supervisory instruments, in which various items present the geology, fauna and flora, the history and the culture of the Episkopi community as well as the surrounding area. There is also a room for conferences and screenings in which a movie of small length is shown, giving information about the geology , the hydrology and  the fauna and flora of the area. A laboratory also exists with modern equipment, such as microscopes and computers in which students can use in their research or education programmes.

Last but not least there is a botanical nature trail in which a visitor can see the various plants, as well as the various rock formations that are found in the surrounding area. The centre has recently created a walking trail giving the visitors the opportunity to have immediate contact with the biodiversity and the natural environment of the valley. The nature trails starts from the centre and goes through a circular trail of about 7 kilometres , passing through point of environmental and cultural interest.


Episkopi Paphos

Operation hours:

June – February

Monday – Friday

9:00- 14 :00

March – May

Monday – Saturday

09:30 – 14:00

Entrance Fee:







[email protected]

[email protected]


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episkopi pafos environmental
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