The Kolossi Olive Mill is situated in the village of Kolossi in the Limassol district. From what the villagers remember, the Kolossi Olive Mill was built and operated around 1947. The space it was housed in was donated towards the Church of Apostle Louca. It is worth mentioning that the president of the church board founded the mill. He thought it would be a good business, which would bring an income to the village.

The mill always operated under the church board and seven people worked there in total. There was a person from the board who overlooked the business, a secretary who recorded the income from the mill, and 4-5 workers who each worked at a particular post. The mill operated 24 hours a day and attracted people from Paphos , Pissouri and other surrounding villages due to its convenient location.

The Kolossi Olive Mill brought a great income to the church as well as the residents , as the producer had the chance to sell the whole oil production. Many residents from Limassol visited the village in order to buy genuine and tasty oil. The oil was produced from the genuine Cypriot olive trees and the production was not as we know it today.

Many schools from the surrounding areas organised excursions and visits to the Kolossi Castle as well as the Olive Mill in order to learn about the production of the olive oil with the traditional way.

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All year round



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00357-25933868, 00357-25934035, 00357-99423737 / 00357-25934042

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kolossi olive mill
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