The Agios Georgios Chapel is located in the Peyia village, in the Paphos district.

More specifically it is situated at the Cape Drepano. It is a small chapel, built with stone and two bell towers in its two west corners. A little further, about 50 metres further down is the very small chapel dedicated to Agio Georgio. This chapel is made up of a small room and is arched with  basilica architecture. This is the older chapel of the saint and was built during the 13th century.

The height of the hill on which the Agios Georgios Chapel is built upon, in combination with the Yeronisos view creates a magnificent and magical atmosphere. The saint is celebrated on the 23rd of April and a great fair takes place in the area.

Agios Georgios Chapel (Saint George) - Peyia photos: 
Agios Georgios Chapel in Peyia
Agios Georgios Chapel in Peyia
  • Agios Georgios Chapel in Peyia
  • Agios Georgios Peyia Paphos
  • Agios Georgios Chapel in Peyia
  • St George Peyia Paphos
  • St George Peyia
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