The Agios Mavrikios Church is situated in the village of Pissouri in the Limassol district. More specifically it is located to the east of the Linidon plain at the peak of a hill. The church was built with the assistance of the family of Mr. Periklis Stasi. It was extended and maintained a few years later with donations from the residents of the village.

It is a small chapel with roof tiles and stone on its exterior, with a simple interior. The courtyard offers a panoramic view of the area while the tall cypress trees stand out offering their shade.

Agios Mavrikios is also named as the doctor of spots. It is though that if someone suffers from spots one can be cured by taking some of the dirt that is in the church area, making a paste with it and placing it on the affected area.

Agios Mavrikios is celebrated on the 1st of July and on the Thursday after Easter.

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agios mavrikios church
agios mavrikios church
  • agios mavrikios church
  • agiou mavrikiou
  • agiou mavrikiou church
  • agiou mavrikiou church pissouri
  • agios mavrikios church pissouri
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