To the east of the village of Askas in the Nicosia district,  where the houses end there is the church of Timios Stavros. 

Timios Stavros Church consist three rooms with a royal architecture similar to the church of Timiou Prodromou but smaller. It is divided into three rooms of two arches. The arches are based on four columns in each row. The two last edges lean on the walls. The columns are carved. The church does not have iconographies, apart from one unique. It presents Agio Georgio at a natural size n his horse holding a spear in his hand.

Inside the walls of the altar are some clay pots built in the wall. There openings are about 3-4 inchhes and they are in the wall as holes. They are used as the church speakers in order to make the voice sound louder.

The only witness of the churches’ foundation is of the Italian ambassador. In 1410 one hundred years before the church of Timios Stavros. There is no other particular date about this.

Various repairs were done to the church. The last one brought important changes to its architecture. As in the church of Prodromou, there were south and north walls as well as the traditional roof tile which was replaced by tile of newer French type. There was also a bell tower made from concrete which replaced the old fashioned type which hung by an olive tree.

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timios stavros askas
timios stavros askas
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