The Timios Stavros Church is situated in the village of Pano Polemidia in the Limassol district. After the Turkish invasion in 1974 and the existence of the refugee camp, the need for a new church occurred.

The new church would accommodate the needs of both the villagers as well as the refugees. The creation of a church is not allowed on Turkish Cypriot land, however the construction of a portable church dedicated to Timio Stavro was allowed.

In 1980, Pieris Elia had taken over the responsibility of the curator at the Timios Stavros Church and assisted in the extension of the church. The first church was built in an amphitheatric way with and upper floor as well as a sun room and a courtyard.

Some of the sacred vessels and cherubim are from the occupied the Church of Agios Dimitrios in Leonarisso.

Today a new church dedicated to Timios Stavros has been built in the place of the older one. A smaller chapel dedicated to Agio Parthenio is also situated in the courtyard of the temple and was used by the residents until the new church was finished.

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timios stavros new church
timios stavros new church
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