Lefkara is a province in the Larnaca district and an independent municipality of Cyprus.

The village is known for its embroidery as well as its silverware. The name comes from the white colour of the limestone in the surrounding mountains. The village is divided into two parts, Pano Lefkara which form the municipality and Kato Lefkara which is a community. 

Lefkara is located at the south side of the Troodos Mountains at an altitude of about 500 metres and is at a distance of about 40 kilometres from the town of Larnaca.


Chronographer Leontios Machera mentions Lefkara as being the birth place of Saint Neophytos (1134-1219). The house where Saint Neophytos met with his future wife before leaving to become a monk still exists as a part of a newer house, while the road brings the name of the saint.

During the Frank Rule, Lefkara were a feud and were included in the royal feuds. According with the legend, the village was visited by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1481, who bought an embroidery for the church of the Cathedral of Milano.

After the British Rule on the island (1878) Lefkara became a municipality (1883). The prosperity on the island during the beginning of the 20th century is due to the trade of the local embroidery, which were sold in all of Europe by Lefkarites embroidery merchants. After World War 2 and the interruption of sales in Europe, the embroidery trade suffered a blow.

During the following years after the independence of Cyprus (1960), the development of tourism begins to increase in the village based on the local embroidery as well as the unique architecture of the village with its traditional stone built houses, built on the road with their gardens to the inside. The use of the characteristic local stone is sustained in most new buildings as well.

The presence of Turkish Cypriots decreased, even though the Jamia are still found even nowadays. According to the inventory in 2011 the population of Pano Lefkara is 762 residents.

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