The Pedieos River (Pithkias or Pidias in the Cypriot dialect) is the largest river in Cyprus, with a length of 98 kilometres. Its spring is at the Troodos mountain range, near the Macheras monastery. It flows northwest, crossing the valley of Mesaoria and the capital of the island, Nicosia. It continues its course to the east, where it ends and the Ammochostos bay near the ancient city of Salamina.


The meaning of the name aimed to interpret the points of East and West. From the ancient words Idein and Eos, the one who sees the east as the river flowed it coincided with the path of Ious the goddess of the east. A name which has been accepted during antiquity.


The water of the river were used in antiquity in order to fortify the town of Nicosia , as it was channelled to the specially designed wells which surrounded the venetian walls of the town, preventing hostile interventions.


In 2002 the Pedieos Park was created at the river banks of the Pedieos River. It is a footpath of 14 kilometres which stretched to the municipalities of Lakatamia and Strovolo.


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