The Agiou Georgiou Church is situated in the village of Athienou in the Larnaca district. It was built around 1880 as the inscription states on the main entrance of the temple.

The bell tower is newer than the church as was built in 1929. The murals in the church have a peculiar renaissance are and are dated to the same year as the church.

The buildings of the Christian Movement of Athienou are located in the church courtyard as the roads east and north of the church are owned by the church. During the Turkish occupation the buildings of the Christian Movment of Athienou houses the Misdemeanour Court and the area was under the ownership of the Turkish Government. After the removal of the Misdemeanour Court the area was given to community of Athienou by the Turkish administration.

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agios georgios athienou
agios georgios athienou
  • agios georgios athienou
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  • agiou georgiou athienou
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