The Agios Amvosios Village is situated on the main road of Limassol OmodosPlatres at a distance of about 29 kilometres northwest of Limassol. The village is built at an altitude of 475 metres above the sea level. To the south it borders with Paramali and Sotira, to the southwest with Prasteio Avdimou , to the west with Pachna , to the north with Vouni , to the northeast with Agio Therapon and to the east with Pano Kyvides.  

A remarkable geomorphological phenomenon linked with the area of Agios Amvrosios is the water that flows from the Paramali River into the Krios River, which is a tributary of the Kouris River. While the Krios River flows from the Troodos Mountain Range following a straight southwest direction and is a continuation of the Paramali River, it suddenly takes a turn north of Agios Amvrosios and connects with the Kouri River. This case is one of the very rare river phenomena that occur in Cyprus.

Agios Amvosios is one of the wine villages in the Limassol district and is well known for its viticulture and the wines, which the ecological winery of the village produces.

The Agios Amvosios village met many increases and decreases in its population. In 1881, its residents were 165 and increased to 212 in 1911, to 252 in 1931 and to 365 in 1960. Later on urbanization hit the village as it did with all the other wine villages, resulting in the decrease of the residents to 337 in 1973 and to 304 in 1982. During the inventory of 2001, the residents were 310.

One of the main sites that visitors can see in the village is the Agios Amvrosios Church, which is a building of the 14th century, the Agia Elisavet Chapel with its byzantine murals, as well as the Agiou Georgiou Chapel, which was built during the 11th century.

Visitors entering the village can find shade and relax under the large fig tree in the village square, while at the same, time can enjoy a coffee or a drink in one of the surrounding coffee shops around there.

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agios amvrosios limassol
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