Pedoulas village is surrounded by pine woods, cherry trees and lies in the Marathasa valley.

Pedoulas is a village in the Nicosia district and is located at an altitude of 1100 meters on the Troodos mountain. You can travel to Pedoulas either from Nicosia, from Limassol on the south cost of the island or from Paphos.

According to tradition, the word "Pedoulas" is coming from two words, the "pediada" and "las". The first word means valley and the second word means people. Pedoulas village is considered as an attractive place to visit, therefore it attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year, especially during the summer period. Most of the visitors who visit Pedoulas are looking forward to enjoy the refreshing cool and dry climate and to take a break from the noisy and tiring city life. They are also enjoying the magnificent natural beauty of the village and enjoy the local traditional hospitality of the Cypriot people.

Pedoulas village is ideal for nature lovers as it offers a great variety of nature trails for those who love walking but for those who love cycling as well. The village also has many interesting places, like the local Byzantine museum, the Folkloric museum, the Archangelos Michael Church and various others.


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