Set within the Paphos Archaeological Park in the heart of Paphos, the House of Aion is a testimony to the rich Roman legacy of the city. This well-preserved structure unveils intricate mosaics and artwork that depict stories from ancient mythology and Roman history.

Named after the God of Eternity, Aion, this house stands as an emblem of the artistic prowess and architectural ingenuity of its time. The detailed mosaics, spread across the house, are visual treats, shedding light on socio-cultural scenarios from the past.

The mosaics, particularly the depiction of the bath of Aphrodite and the beauty contest between Cassiopeia and the Nereids, are must-see attractions, echoing the rich artistry of ancient Roman mosaicists.

Only one part of the house has been excavated until now. The arched reception room of the house diplays the most spectacular mosaic which included five paintings showing the new-born Dionysus , Lyda , Kykno , the beauty contest between Cassiopeia and the Nirides, Apollon and Marcia, and lastly the triumph of Dionysus.

The rich decoration and the unique presence of the mosaic show that there is a hidden meaning behind them.


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Monday- Sunday: 8.30 - 19.30

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Possibility of partial access with the guidance of a guard.

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