The Larnaca Municipal Gardens are located next to the Municipal Theatre and the Municipal Library of Larnaca.

The area which has been accommodating the Larnaca Municipal Gardens for the last few decades is now changing. The new renovation project will transform the area into a modern location which will be able to provide its residents with fresh area, greenery and accommodate all the necessary facilities so that people with disabilities may access it. This is a project which has been missing from the Larnaca district for a very long time.

The construction for the complete regeneration of the area have recently begun and are continuing with a rapid pace. Apart from the gardens, new footpaths will be constructed as well as a square, proper lights and other facilities will be placed, while a cafeteria and toilet facilities will also be placed in the area.

The aim of this project is the aesthetic and environmental upgrade of the town centre and the improvement of the residents’ lives. A new entrance will also be constructed from the side of the Grigori Avxentiou Avenue and the wall will be replaced.

With the construction of the new garden, the residents of Larnaca and the visitors will be able to spend their time in a modern area of greenery in one of the most central point in the town.

The cost of this project is expected to exceed one million euros. The project is co-funded by the European Fund of Regional Development and the construction period is expected to last around 14 months.

The new Municipal Gardens of Larnaca will open their gates for the public during the beginning of 2019.

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larnaca municipal garden
larnaca municipal garden
  • larnaca municipal garden
  • larnaca municipal gardens
  • municipal garden larnaca
  • municipal gardens larnaca
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