The Saint George Chapel is located south of Kalavasos in the district of Larnaca about three kilometres distance from the village, on the road towards the Mari village. The chapel is located in a flat area surrounded by wild vegetation. It is a small plain chapel with an arched roof.

Its exterior is made of mud and it is whitewashed. The courtyard is paved with concrete and it is fenced with a small wall. It does not have a bell tower. The interior of the chapel is simple and flat. The only wooden psalm stand which it has, gives its presence to the rest of the church equipment.

The iconostasis is simple wooden with a central gate. The few icons which surrounds it are considered to be old but maintained. The last icon there, is dedicated to Saint George and is in a sealed shrine to the right side of the iconostasis.

The chapel operates once a year on the 23rd of April which is the date of the saint’s celebration. On this day the whole community gets together in order to honour the saint with their offerings.

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