The Agios Georgios Chapel is situated between the two villages of Trozena and Gerovasa in the Limassol district. The chapel is the only maintained building in the abandoned village and attracts many local and foreign tourists to the area.

It is a small stone built church with a tiled roof and blue windows and doors which stand out. It is surrounded by many trees and there are a few seats outside in the courtyard. Inside the church is an inscription that gives information about the construction of the church.

The chapel was built in 1885 by Hadjikleanthi Maliali however it was renovated in 1993 and has been maintained since then. There is a large icon of Agios Georgios at the entrance of the church, depicting him on his horse and killing the dragon. There is a wooden iconostasis with six large icons and a smaller row with twelve smaller icons.

The cemetery of the village is also located in the church garden which is also filled with many trees and flowers. At a close distance there is a water fountain from which water flows all year round.

Agios Georgios Chapel, Trozena photos: 
Agios Georgios Church Gerovasa-Trozena
Agios Georgios Church Gerovasa-Trozena
  • Agios Georgios Church Gerovasa-Trozena
  • Agios Georgios Church Gerovasa-Trozena
  • agios georgios trozena
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