The Agios Georgios Old Church is situated in the Paralimni area in the Ammochostos district. The holy temple of Agios Georgios replaced an older one during the 19th century.

It is located in the centre of Paralimni between the church of Agia Anna (13th century), and the Metropolitan Temple of Agios Georgios which was built during 1963-1966. There is a marble inscription which states that the temple was built in 1859 to replace an older byzantine one, from which some parts were saved and added to the new one. The new church was built in order to accommodate the needs of the increased population of Paralimni.  

The inscription was found during the demolition of various classrooms of the old school next to the church and it was carved on a plaque which was on the exterior of the south wall. Earlier on there was a low wall which surrounded the church area. Next to it was a large field which is still there today.

The iconostasis is made of carved wood which was used during the 19th century and is gold plated. There are five rows from the ground floor until the top with a total height of 7.60 metres and a width of 9 metres. All of the icons are dated from the 19th century.  The bell tower is of the 19th century and was built later. It is located in the same position of the arch on the south wall.

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agios georgios church paralimni
agios georgios church paralimni
  • agios georgios church paralimni
  • agios georgios old church
  • agios georgios paralimni
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