North of the village of Kalavassos in the district of Larnaca and at a distance of about two and a half kilometres is the chapel of Panagia Lambroforousa. The chapel is located very close to the chapel of Archangel Michael. It is also built at a mountain hill. Its roof is tiled and is arched.

In addition, Panagia Lambroforousa chapel is very simple and can accommodate up to ten guests. The chapel is made of stone and it is white washed. The main entrance of the chapel is on the south side. The courtyard is open and comfortable without a fence.

Internally the chapel is very simple. There is a wooden iconostasis with icons made from 948. It is a flat simple chapel and doesn’t operate very often. It does operate on the Archangel Michael celebration day which is on the 9th of November when people go there to pray.

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