Location: Kyperounda – Spilia – Chandria – Polistypou

District: Nicosia

Starting Point:

Route 1:

At the location Doxasi o Theos, at a distance of 2 kilometres from Kyperounta and 5 kilometres from Spylia , on the Kyperounta – Spylia Road.

Route 2:

The Fire Lookout station of Madaris. Access by vehicle is from the Handrion – Polystypou Road with a direction towards the Adelfoi peak which is at a distance of about 3 kilometres. The road is paved until 800 metres from the starting point. The last 800 metres are on a narrow, dirt road.

Length: 3.8 kilometres

Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: 3

Points of Interest:

Panoramic view towards all directions at an altitude of 1400 – 1600 metres. , along the peak line of Madaris. It ends near the Adelfoi peak at 1613 metres. A visitor has the opportunity to climb up onto the fire station of Madaris which looks over the whole area. It is connected with other trails in the area such as Madari – Selladi tou Karamanli and Doxa si o theos – Moutti tis Choras. There is drinkable water at the starting line.


Rules of conduct for Visitors

Visitors of nature trails sites should follow some basic rules of conduct to ensure the least possible harm to the environment but also to ensure the comfort of other guests.

The most important of these rules are the following:

  • Keep the area clean. Collect all the rubbish that have emerged and put them in bins. If for any reason there are no bins or if it is full, then take your trash with you. Do not leave plastic bags outside, because they are usually scattered by stray dogs, foxes etc.      
  •  Do not make unnecessary noises, respect the rights of the others for peace and quiet.
  • Cutting plants, tree bark harassing nests, damaging the environment are banned by the forestry legislation.
  • Park your car in parking lots.
  • Use the water with caution. Don't waste it.     
  • Solicit other guests to obey by the basic rules of conduct.
  • If you notice a fire, immediately call the number 1407 (24 hours, toll-free)
Doxasi o Theos - Fire Lookout Station Madaris photos: 
doxasi o theos
doxasi o theos
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Doxasi o Theos - Fire Lookout Station Madaris video: 
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