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Athienou is a suburb in the Larnaca district in Cyprus. More specifically it is located in the Mesaoria plain, amongst Nicosia and Larnaca.  It is one of the three villages which are built in the United Nations dead zone. Specifically 65% of the municipality is occupied. It has a population of 6000 residents and a developed industrial zone.

Many believe that the name Athienou came from the word “atta” or “atha” which means large rock and that it stated that the village area was rocky. Others believe that the name was given to the village by some residents of Athens who came and lived in the area. In order to remember their city in Greece they named it Athienou.

Others say that the name is due to a rich man called Etien and everybody would say “Let’s go to Etienou’s” which slowly became “to Athienou”.

Archaeological excavations in the surrounding area of Athienou have brought antiquities from the Neolithic period (8500-3900 B.C) to light. The area has been inhabited and developed from antiquity, making the municipality known for its archaeological as well as cultural heritage.

Athienou has a rich religious tradition with its churches and chapels :

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