Cyprus Villages

Cyprus has many villages in its four cities, Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. According to the area, the village will have a different climate, scene, activities and attractions.

While most villages are near the mountains , lakes or forests , there are also many villages near the sea. Life in the village is quiet, peaceful and relaxing. This is why so many people have holiday houses and visit their villages when they have free time. There are so many things to do in the villages such as walking or hiking on nature trails, rock climbing, visiting a picnic site or camping, and sightseeing. You can also sit and relax at a coffee house or have some delicious cypriot cuisine in a traditional tavern.

Most villages have a lot of history to offer so there will also be museums,churches and monasteries , ancient monuments or various other attractions.

For the full list you can refer to this page here or you can choose from the ones displayed below which include a description, some photos and in some cases a video.

If you are still thinking which village to visit then perphaps our article Top 10 Villages in Cyprus will help you decide the most appropriate village.

Cyprus villages map

Cyprus villages by location (district)

Xylofagou Village

The Xylofagou village is located at the southeast point of Cyprus, about three kilometres from the Pyla Cape at a low plateau. It is...

Xylotymbou Village

Xylotymbou is a small province of Cyprus located in the district of Larnaca, even though until 1917 it was under the district of Ammochostos...

Yeroskipou / Geroskipou

Yeroskipou or often spelled as Geroskipou is a large suburb in Cyprus, east of Paphos with a population of about  8.500 residents....

Yiolou Village

Yiolou is a village in the Paphos District of Cyprus, located 20 km sorth of Paphos and 15 km south of Polis Chrysochous.  There are...

Ypsonas Village, Limassol

Ypsonas is a province in Limassol and has been an independent municipality of Cyprus since 2012. According to the inventory in 2011 it had 1...

Zygi Village

The community of Zygi is built south of the beach, about 40 kilometres northwest of the Larnaca district. It is nearly in the middle of thre...