Vretsia Mine is located in the abandoned village of Vretsia in the Paphos district. The Vretsia Mine operated in 1988 as an outdoor sulphur ore mine. However the substitution of sulphur in the international market, made the mine non-profitable and was shut down about a year later.

The abandoned mine slowly turned into what is now called the Vretsia Lake.  In order to get too the lake that has been created ,  one must pass by the Monashilaka picnic site in the village of Panagia and drive to the heart of forest for about half an hour with a high car , such as an SUV , a pickup truck or a 4X4 , as the lake is well hidden.

The Vretsia Lake is mainly brown and the colour of the water comes from the minerals deposits that have remained and that are located in the surrounding area.

After a visit one will notice and smell the presence of copper, sulphur and pyrite that exists in the area.

The location is absolutely beautiful and the lake turns into various colours of orange, brown and red after a heavy rain.

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vretsia lake
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