The dam of Pomos is made of rock fill and has a capacity of 859.000 cubical metres. It is located about 3 kilometres southeast of the village.

The dam is built of the Livadi River at an altitude of 75 metres and at a distance of 3.5 kilometres from the sea. It has a length of 168 metres, a height of 38 metres, a volume of 150.000 cubical metres and a surface of 83.000 square metres.

The dam construction was completed in 1966 and its purpose was to irrigate the 380 acres of land for the cultivation of vegetables. A large part of the land in Pomos (130 acres in 1985) is irrigated from the dam containing 859.000 cubical metres.

From a geological view, the dam area is located above the crosswalks of the Ofiolithic cluster of Troodos.

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