Paphos is a coastal district in the southwest part of Cyprus. Since antiquity it has been one of the most important ancient kingdoms on the island. At the same time it has always been famous as the worshipping centre for the goddess Aphrodite.

The Paphos district is one of the 6 districts and is the fourth largest on the island. It has an extent of 1396 square metres and forms the 15, 09% of Cyprus.  Paphos is then divided into 4 municipalities and 121 communities. The 4 municipalities are: Paphos, Geroskipou, Peyia and Polis Chrysochous.

To the north the Paphos area extends until the village of Pomos, to the easy until the Akamas Peninsula, to the south until Kouklia and to the west until Agios Nikolaos. The Paphos district has coastal villages that extend along its west and north coasts, as well as mountainous terrain to its east, including the Paphos Forest.

Each of the 121 villages has its own unique beauty and attraction. There are many attractions in the villages ranging from churches, museums, culture attractions and nature attractions. The many churches, chapels, monasteries in all of the villages also show how religious the residents are. The museums along with other cultural buildings help preserve the culture and the customs that each village has.

Each village has traditional restaurants and shops that can offer you with the local cuisine as well as the local products that it produces (sweets, bread, and drinks) and the Cypriot hospitality.

Whether you are interested in the coastal villages with beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue waters, or mountainous villages with forests and waterfalls, Paphos will accommodate all tastes.

To view the list of all the Paphos Villages refer to the Paphos Villages List.






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Paphos villages map

Cyprus villages - Paphos district

Fyti Village

The iconic community of Fyti is located 25 kilometres northeast of Paphos and 20 kilometres southeast of Polis Chrysochous. Fyti, borders...

Gialia Village

The village of Gialia is located 11 kilometres northeast of Polis Chrysochous in the Paphos district. It is situated between the villages...

Inia Village

The iconic village of Inia is located in the mountainous area of Laona in the Paphos district. The village is situated 30 kilometres north o...

Kallepia Village

The village of Kallepia is located in the district of Paphos. It is a mountainous village built at an altitude of 590 metres. It is located ...

Kannaviou Village

Kannaviou Village is located in the Paphos district and neighbours with the communities of Agios Dimitrianos, Psathi, Asproyia, Polemi and P...

Kathikas Village

The traditional village of Kathikas is located in the Paphos district and is built on the Laona plateau, at an altitude of about 700 metres ...

Kedares Village

The village of Kedares is located in the Paphos district. It is situated at the foothills of the Troodos mountain range, at an altitude of 5...

Kelokedara Village

Kelokedara is a village located in the Paphos district of Cyprus, about 6 km southwest of Salamiou village. It is located 33 km east of...

Kissonerga Village

Kissonerga is one of the largest communities in population which exist in Paphos. In comparison to other villages in Paphos, the village of ...