The Polemidia Dam is situated in the area of Polemidia in the Limassol district. More specifically it is located near the Limassol National Forest Park. The dam was built in 1965 which also makes it the oldest dam on the island.

The dam has a length of 2.96 kilometres and a depth of 45 metres. It also has the capacity to contain 3,400,000m³ of water. The water in the dam is collected from the Garyllis River which passes through the town of Limassol and pours into the sea.

The unusual thing about this dam is that there is an old chapel built in it, which is covered with water when the dam overflows. The church is called Panagia Vagera and according to the priest in the area there is no historical information about the church. The only information the priest knows is that it was built by a feud owner who built it himself.

The Polemidia Dam overflowed during February of 2019 which created enthusiasm towards the residents of the surrounding area.


Polemidia Dam


Limassol District

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Polemidia Dam Limassol
Polemidia Dam Limassol
  • Polemidia Dam Limassol
  • Polemidia Dam Limassol overflowing
  • Polemidia Dam Limassol Cyprus
  • Polemidia Dam
  • Polemidia Dam
  • Polemidia Dam overflowing
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