Palaichori or Paleochori is a village in the geographical district of Pitsilia in Cyprus and is made up of two communities and two councils, the Palaichori of Nicosia and the Palaichori of Morphou.

According to Nearchos Klirides, Palaichori was formed from population groups which moved from the districts of Nicosia and Morphou seeking safety in mountain areas. The first population move occurred during the time of Theodosios A’ around 390 B.C and the second one occurred in 650 B.C which were periods of Arabic raids.

The names (Palio-chorio) and its antonym (Kalo-Chorio) appeared in Cyprus during the 5th and 6th centuries which was the changing point of Christianity. Simon Menardos mentions that the name Kalo Chorio was given to the village to forget the previous idololatric name. The name kalo and palio chorio was given to the village by fanatic Christians.

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