The Archangelos Michael Church is located in the Platanistasa village in the Nicosia district.

The church is situated in the centre of the village on a hill and it is dedicated to the Archangel of the sky, Archangel Michael.

In addition, Archangelos Michael Church celebrates the Archangel on the 6th of September.

The church was built during the 19th century in the place of another smaller church of the 15th century that was demolished by our ancestors, who did not know its value.

The church has a wooden roof and took the form it has today in 1916. A visitor can admire the wonderful templo of this church and the excellent portable icons, mostly dated to 1883.

The village cemetery was located in the church yard until 1941, when the new village cemetery was built and the remains of those who were buried at Archangel Michael were transferred to the new cemetery.


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archangelos michael church
archangelos michael church
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