The Archangleos Michael Chapel is situated at the west part of the Chloraka village in the Paphos district. The chapel was on private property of the family of Leonidas Christodoulou.

The elderly remember the ruins of the medieval temple which was previously in its place, a small chapel as it is today. Celebrations would take place in the church square and nearly the whole village would attend.

The charming whitewashed church is of a basilica architecture without a dome. It is an attraction point for both locals and many foreign tourists. Its wooden templo is simple and is made up of three mobile icons.

The chapel was inaugurated by the Metropolite of Paphos Chrysostomo B on the 6th of September 1987. It usually operated twice a year on the 6th of September which is the date dedicated to the miracle from the Archangel, and on the 8th of November which is the date the saint is celebrated. Christenings also take place at the chapel during the year.

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archangelos michael chapel
archangelos michael chapel
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