The church of Panagia Galaktotrofousa or "Παναγία η Γαλακτοτροφούσα" in Greek is located in the entrance of the Mathiatis village (Agia Varvara- Mathiatis Road) , in the Nicosia district  and is built on a small hill. The date of the construction remains unknown.

Under the church is a catacomb which is believed to have been used as a ceremonial area by the Catholics during the Turkish occupation. In the interior of the catacomb, an icon was found of the Virgin Mary. This is also the reason why the church was built and then dedicated to Panagia Galaktotrofousa. Holly water was also found inside the catacomb that ends at a tank built by the residents of the community in 1954.  The surrounding part of the church has been transformed into today’s Community cemetery.

According to the residents , during the older years when the mothers did not have milk to feed their babies they went to this church to pay to the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary heard their prayers and helped them feed their children. This is also how the church received the name Galaktotrofousa which means feed milk.

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panagia galaktotrofousa
panagia galaktotrofousa
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